My Worst Post Production Mistake #FlashbackFriday

My worst post production mistake occurred during the height of 50 Cent, and the G-Unit fame. The G-Unit was conquering music charts, and 50 Cent tried to conquer the box office with his own biographical movie Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (There’s even a video game based on that movie.) Basically, he was at the center of popular entertainment during that period.

I was hired as an editor for a feature-length G-Unit documentary because 50 Cent is always hustling, wants to get a DVD out asap before the movie DVD is released. It’s similar to his mixtape game where he has something new regularly, which all content creators can identify with nowadays.

I was working on it for 2, 3 weeks and got a call to present a cut to 50 Cent. My cut was more of an assembly than a rough cut, but I hustled to be more presentable. Besides, I hope, 50 Cent must know and can judge a rough cut now that he’s experienced in making a Hollywood movie.


I consolidated the footage into my most fancy LaCie hard drive that was in vogue. It’s heavy like a brick, but its solid iron shell exudes professionalism and confidence. And its Firewire connecter was ideal to present my cut in full HD glory.

Like a professional, I went early to the G-Unit Records office, across from the Madison Square Garden. I hooked up the drive to a Mac and powered it on. The drive instantly popped with a sparkle and started to fume. I immediately turned it off but it was already late. The drive was done and gone at the instant I turned it on because I brought a WRONG power cable. 

The faint smell of burning plastic filled the office. It wasn’t strong enough to set off an alarm, but I was devastated because this is going to be the first impression of me, and my work for 50 Cent. I could care less about losing an expensive, fancy hard drive.  

There’s nothing more I could do but crack open a window and apologized profusely about my blunder. Fortunately 50 Cent was running late, so I left with my drive and my tail between my legs bidding another time/chance.

There are few more episodes regarding this venture, but this is where the story ends for now.

Because of this traumatic experience, I never bought another LaCie drive, with my money.

Isla Dragon #ThrowbackThursday

Nerdist made an excellent parody trailer of the recent Fyre Fraud documentary, one of those “I wish I came up with that idea.”

This reminded me of my Jurassic Park + Blackfish mockumentary trailer titled, “Isla Dragon.” I hit up on the idea after the release of Jurassic World trailer, and worked quickly to release it on the opening day of the movie. And the rest is history, as they say.

This project was fast & loose lessons on making a trailer and a video that goes “viral.”

New Site, First Post

This is another small/personal website in the vast world of the Internet, but hopefully it’ll be a pebble that creates large ripples.

I used to be a prolific blogger (is that still a word?) before the world of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter took over the Internet. But I’m back in the game and it’s always nice to have my own space to call home(page).

One of my new year resolutions is to write a blog post regularly, at least once a week. So check back time to time. I’ll make this space worth of your time/attention.