How to Build an Esports Empire

The whole endeavor makes sense if you have an heir to Comcast empire. Haha.

I believe in Esports but I doubt that Esports media business will look or operate like other sports media business today.

Telecom titan Comcast is investing $50M dollars in a new esports stadium located in the center of the Philadelphia sports complex. But that's just the beginning of their plan to build a global esports empire.

The following video presents comprehensive business case for Esports and its possibility beyond building leagues and arenas.

Stadiums packed to capacity filled with screaming fans. Global audiences in the hundreds of millions. A multibillion-dollar economy. College scholarships for the top players. Talent agents. Professional teams with dedicated scouts. Beloved celebrities. Doping scandals. Are we talking about professional sports? Well, of a sort. We're talking esports.