Missing Colors

If you don’t have those light spectrums that match the pigment in a fabric or paint or some other surface, you will not see these beautiful colors.”
How do the human eye, the camera sensor, and lighting work together? Colorist & DIT, Adrienne Klotz-Floyd, discusses the interaction of lighting, camera sensors, and post production when it comes to getting proper color for your film project. #LumaForge #FasterTogether #NABShow2019 For super easy collaborative video storage, check out the LumaForge Jellyfish.

Whoa. This explains the difficulties I had color correcting some shots, especially with skin tones.

Bradford Young interview

“I’m trying to find ways to create more intimacy, trying to find ways to create more personable experience for everybody. And I feel like the more the crew can squeeze in around character, around subject and create a blanket, create a community around talent then the process is more legitimate to me.”