The Problem Solving of Filmmaking

Don't fix it in post, but make it work in production.

A short video expanding on something I talk about on the Shazam commentary track (Shazam is now available on digital and if you buy the iTunes version you get a commentary track along with the other extras).

ART OF THE CUT with “Chernobyl” editor, Simon Smith

Feature films tell the story in act one, act two, act three and kind of wrap it up nicely and that’s what you go for. But television is experiential. It’s not about necessarily a start, a middle, and a conclusion. It’s about experiencing something. TV is at its best when it’s experiential, and this was one of those scenes where my goal was to just make you feel like you were experiencing it.

The entire article is so, so good if you are a fan of this miniseries.

How to Shoot a Commercial with Robots

Working with robots is number one on my production wishlist. :D

For #HowToWeek we visit visual engineer, photographer and robot master Steve Giralt. He takes us on a tour of his NYC studio to show us how he makes his creative videos using high speed robotic cameras. He's come a long way from being only a still photographer.

How to Survive and Thrive in Hollywood and Beyond

by Vashi Nedomansky, ACE. I’m amazed by how much he generously shares on various social media, not just on this video.

Vashi Nedomansky, ACE will demonstrate editing techniques and the filmmaking processes behind Gone Girl, Deadpool, 6 Below, and more.He will also cover topics including expanding your creativity, the Importance of people skills and office politics, and balancing your creative and professional expectations against the realities of the industry.