10 Kung Fu Films Sampled by Wu-Tang Clan

I wish more artists sampled from movies. Haha

Ever wonder where Wu-Tang Clan got their amazing samples from? Watch as Wu-Tang's producer, rapper and founder, RZA, takes you through scenes from "Master of the Flying Guillotine," "Executioners from Shaolin," "The 36th Chamber," "Enter the Dragon," "Five Deadly Venoms," "The Mystery of Chess Boxing," "Ten Tigers of Kwangtung," "Shaolin vs.

Gaming Youtube

Monetizing YouTube videos is easier said than done and this video explains why. (I’m predicting that YouTube ads will eventually drive new generation viewers back to TV. Haha)

Today I am showing you guys a little bit of how making money on YouTube works. If you're a YouTuber yourself these things are really important to know to maximize the amount you are earning for your effort. If you're not a YouTuber, I hope this was interesting and cleared up any questions you had about YouTube monetization!

"The algorithm is the content."

The following video explains almost everything about the state of Youtube as it exists today.

My hypothesis is that the algorithm, rather than viewer preference, drives views on the site. As the algorithm shifts, various YouTubers experience burnout (as what used to work no longer works) and right now click-through rate is the key metric.

The next logical question is where will the YouTube algo will bounce to, and who will benefit the most?

Post Production Workflow for a Netflix feature film

Although this video is a soft-sell for an online class, it's a great look into a feature film post production workflow (with #Avid of course)

Editor Lawrence Jordan, ACE masters the Netflix show Sextuplets. Compete in FilmSupply Edit Fest ($80K prize pool): https://thisguyedits.com/editfest Become an Assistant Editor with Master the Workflow (course): https://thisguyedits.com/mastertheworkflow Use Discount Code: TGE50OFF Lawrence Jordan, ACE is a veteran feature film and television editor who has worked with many of the top creatives at the world's largest entertainment companies, including Time Warner, Sony, Fox, MGM, HBO, Netflix and Disney.

What's New with DaVinci Resolve 16.1

The day I'll use DaVinci Resolve as my primary NLE is coming closer and closer.

Paul Saccone returned to LACPUG to show off the just announced Resolve 16.1Beta including the much maligned "Boring Detector." Paul also showed off "things you might not know Resolve 16 can do." Hosted by Michael Horton. In Collaboration with Surf Theater Productions

Luminous Ray Tracing Tech Demo

Cinematographers of tomorrow will be clicking on keyboards instead of clicking on lights.

Luminous Productions, in partnership with NVIDIA, has created a new Luminous Engine tech demo powered by a single GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, that runs in real-time with full path-traced ray tracing. More on Luminous Productions' tech demo: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/back-stage-luminous-productions-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-ray-tracing-tech-demo Subscribe to GeForce!

Overwatch League Player Profile for Intel Gaming

I finally realized my goal of making an eSports content with this Overwatch League player profile for Intel Gaming.

I delivered this profile video, plus one :30 and two :15 trailers that’ll appear on Overwatch League broadcast and social media sites. This project is edited on Adobe Premiere Pro and color graded on DaVinci Resolve 15.